Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hermés Spring '09 has got me sprung

The Hermés Spring collection appeared on Style dot com today and oh my god am I ever ready to give up my first born son for these duds. Sigh. One word to describe the amazing western-inspired, flowy, romantic pieces is DELICIOUS. I want dem. They are incredibly timeless, girly, sexyand sophisticated all at the same time. Faves:

Loooooooving the fringe, it was "trendy" for like 2 weeks, which sort of pissed me off because I've been crazy into fringe since I was a tater tot and then damn Mischa Barton had to ruin it for me by wearing those ridiculous over the knee boots. Now, thankfully my faith in fringe has been restored. Because for the love of Jean, I was worried.

Don't you just love the elegant evening gowns paired with the casual western hats? Bliss. I'm really glad that winter/spring will be all about neutrals because to be honest with you, I'm definitely over the crazy prints of summer.

They look SO familiar where the hell have I seen these Chanel sunglasses before?

God, they look so familiar. Like I've seen them on someone I know...


My 83 year old Jewish grandmother. Her glaucoma glasses.

Please note that this is not actually my grandmother. She wouldn't be caught dead flirting with a bald man. Hence the reason my grandfather has black plugs. He goes in to get them re-done like twice a year because their parakeet pulls them out and drops them onto the kitchen table. But ok, I'm getting off topic now...

The difference between these and the Chanel offering? Hundreds of dollars, and one of them allows you to legally smoke weed.

Let's get right down to it

Hopefully this blog will bring entertainment, giggles, smirks, hell I'll take a half-hearted guffaw, to a few people. If so, then it has served its purpose. I plan on filling this blog with my fashion musings, delicious photos etc.

Listen guys, I don't know how many folks will read this thing, 3 people? 4? Great! I don't ask for much, but if you like what you see...please add me to your blogroll. Let me know in a comment and I will totally add you to FAA's.

Let's see how this goes...